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India's Most Memorable Vacation Home On A Mountain

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10 Breathtaking Airbnb Homes In The World


10 breathtaking Airbnb homes to book if you love the outdoors

Hills, Stars & Orchards: See Them All From Taara House’s Windows


’s true some things in life are beyond words, but if we were to describe Taara House, we’d say, imagine if the romance of a quintessential Yash Raj film and Ruskin Bond’s sweet-natured nostalgia came together… that’s exactly what it’d look like.

8 Peaceful Himalayan Homestays You Can Escape to

The Culture Trip UK

The classy Taara House Luxury Cottage is done up in recycled Burma teak, English oak, and pine wood. There’s elegance exuding from each corner.

Postcard from Manali


Sustainability, starry skies, and all the views

This Hilltop Manali Homestay Offers Guests Peace And The Picturesque


This two bedroom cottage is complete heaven for those who love tasteful woodwork, as the home is built out of an assortment of reclaimed Burma Teak, English Oak, and Teak. 

An Apple Orchard, Glass Ceilings & View Of The Himalayas

So Delhi

A getaway like no other, Taara House is meant for all those who are looking at relaxing and only enjoying the beauty of a place, novels and wine glasses in hand! 

Forget The City & Rediscover Yourself At Taara House

D For Delhi

Taara House is a beautiful little cottage nestled in the mountains beckoning you to come breathe in heaven on earth. Made out of wood & glass for the most part, the cottage is a passionate little getaway!

Get The Right Kind Of Detox


This classic yet modern cottage is surrounded by apple orchards, whilst blending into the pine forests. 

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