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How To Decorate Your Bedroom Like A Luxury Hotel Room

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Let's admit it, there is nothing as relaxing as a luxurious hotel room. When you sink into a sumptuous mattress and get engulfed in calming pristine white sheets, your troubles just seem to melt away!

We at Taara House were cognisant of the magic of white sheets, and despite being a luxury cottage in Manali, we chose to go the international way. So no crazy colours, or chaotic prints, instead minimalist decor and serene upholstery. The idea was to replicate a luxury hotel experience.

Since over the years our clients have always spoken highly of our design ethos, hence we thought we share tips on how to decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel room.

Splurge On A Good Quality Bed A bed is one piece of furniture, that isn’t replaced often. In fact, it usually lasts for decades. That is why, we think investing in a good quality bed is imperative, regardless of what aesthetics you are aiming for. Get a solid wood bed if possible or get a bed which has a statement headboard. This investment will last you for years to come, so choose wisely.

Complimenting Bedside Tables Once you have zeroed on to a bed, make sure you get matching bedside tables. Bedside tables not only add to the aesthetics of the room but are super functional. To add to the decor, keep a pretty vase on it, or a statement alarm clock, or even a book you are reading.

Luxurious Neutral Sheets

Okay, now we are talking! Every luxurious hotel has a super-luxe bedsheet set. One can never go wrong with white bedding, and that is why hotel bedding is so popular worldwide. At Taara House, we chose to go the monogram way. Our 300 thread count sheets are courtesy BEDLAM. We suggest you do the same as nothing screams luxury than a good set of a quality bed sheet set.

European Shams What are Euro Shams you may ask? A euro sham is a square pillow that measures 26" x 26”. These pillows are usually placed behind the standard pillows. At Taara House we got special Monogram Euro Shams made from BEDLAM, that complimented our duvet and bedding sets.

Wireless Speakers Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Avoid the television if you can. Instead, invest in a functional yet stylish wireless speaker set. If it supports Alexa or Google Home then even better, as you are keeping up with the latest trends. Your speaker will give you access to millions of music, podcasts and books, and provide a more restful experience.

Smarten Your Bedroom We live in the age of technology that is rapidly progressing and making our lives easier. One doesn’t need to change their electrical outlets to incorporate smart technology in their homes. The easiest solution is to buy a couple of smart plugs which are Alexa or Google Home enabled. Connect your existing lamps, speakers via them and voila your bedroom now has smart-home technology.

Warm And Soft Lighting Lighting in any room plays a key role as it creates the mood and ambience. In fact, we are not exaggerating when we say that lighting can make or break the ambience of a room. For starters, a bedroom should have table lamps on both sides of their bedside tables. Reading Lamps on top of the headboard is a must as well. Apart from that, a statement floor lamp or ceiling fixture is what we recommend.

Candles Nothing sets the mood better than some beautifully scented candles. Please do not buy a cheap candle even if they smell good. The cheaper candles are loaded with chemicals and are just plain toxic. Instead, go the soy wax way or buy designer candles which are in glass votives. Quality over quantity we say.

So these are just a few ways you can replicate your favourite hotel room. Remember our bedrooms should help us relax, rejuvenate and recharge. We feel rested in a hotel room because of its pristine decor, its luxurious bedding and an overall serene environment.

Hopefully, the tips we have shared above will help you to achieve the desired aesthetics. Happy decorating!

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